Now we’re frying faster at Broadstone

Now we’re frying faster at Broadstone

When you’re enjoying that special satisfaction that comes from eating fish and chips, you probably don’t give a moment’s thought to the equipment we use to cook them.

And why should you?
After all, whether it’s a takeaway or a meal in our restaurant, it’s the food that you’ve come in for.

It’s our job to think about how it’s cooked and to give you the best fish and chips experience that we can. That’s why we recently replaced the cooking range at our fish and chips restaurant and takeaway in Broadstone. It was time to upgrade to a better experience for everyone on both sides of the counter.

Faster, cleaner, friendlier fish and chips

We use the best fish and chips cooking range on the market, from Florigo.

Why is it the best?
Because it makes cooking quicker, allowing us to serve you faster. Florigo fryers are incredibly efficient, meaning that almost all the heat they produce goes into cooking and there’s very little that just disappears unused into the atmosphere. Our new frying range is physically lower than the old equipment, making it easier for you to talk to our cooking and serving team.

There’s no doubt that the fish and chips experience at Broadstone is now even faster, cleaner and friendlier than ever. Not to mention tastier, because the new range helps keep the cooking oils very clean which improves our frying.

Fish and chip nerds keep reading

At Broadstone we’ve installed a five-pan triple filtration range. When you’re producing the tastiest fish and chips as cost-effectively as possible, oil management is really important.

The Florigo range minimises oil wastage while keeping it really clean with their unique Active Triple Filtration system. The oil is drawn through three distinct filter elements, each designed to trap different impurities. The result is cooking oil that’s kept extremely clean.

For the really nerdy, the range has a crumb filter, a miroil bag and a carbon pad. Serious fish and chip nerds will already know that Florigo ranges are used in some of the best establishments in the UK, including two of Rick Stein’s restaurants in Cornwall.

We want you to keep enjoying the fish and chips we serve in Broadstone. That’s why we invested in a new cooking range - so that your fish and chips remain a tasty, tasty treat!