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Fish and chips is loved and enjoyed by every generation

Why not indulge in the finest fish and chips in your area and visit one of Daniels seven branches along the south coast

We don’t just sell great fish, we also offer gourmet beef burgers, award–winning pasties and vegetarian puddings which have all been sourced for their quality ingredients, gratifying textures and delicious flavours.

All our products are traceable back to source and wherever possible, we opt for low salt versions in the interests of our customers health and well being.



Cod 6 - 8 oz - Skinless boneless premium fillet£4.30

Large Cod 9 -11 oz - Skinless, boneless premium fillet£6.00

Haddock 10 - 12 oz Luxurious flavoured fish, skinless and boneless premium fillet£5.80

Plaice 8 - 10 oz - A Flat fish, easily digested£4.95

Sea Bass£6.95

Scampi (12) - Whole tail shellfish, deep fried in breadcrumbs£5.00

Scampi (18) - Whole tail shellfish, deep fried in breadcrumbs£7.00

Fish Cake - 4oz breaded fishcake£1.70

Cod Roe (2) - Battered and deep fried£3.10

Calamari (10)£2.95




Freshly peeled and prepared


Large Chips£3.00

Chips & Cheese£3.85

Large Chips & Cheese £4.85


Pukka Steak + Kidney Pie£3.05

Pukka Chicken + Mushroom Pie£3.05

Steak Pasty£3.50

Luxury Steak & Ale Pie£4.00

Luxury Chicken, Leek & Bacon Pie£4.00




Prime Chicken Pieces

Chicken Breast£4.30

Chicken Fillet Burger£3.50

Chicken Nuggets (6)£3.35

Chicken Nuggets (9)£4.50

Chicken Goujons (5)£3.40

Chicken Goujons (9)£4.95


Cheese & Onion Pasty£3.50

Veggie Burger£3.10

Pineapple Fritter (2)£2.30

Stilton & Mushroom Pudding£4.75

Pea Fritter£1.25

Breaded Mushrooms (6)£1.25

Breaded Mushrooms (12)£2.25

Mozarella Sticks (3)£1.95

Mozarella Sticks (6)£2.95




With the choice of onions, relish & lettuce, served in a toasted bun

4 oz Cheese Burger£3.40

6 oz Cheese Burger£4.60


Child's Cod & Chips£5.00

Child's Chicken Goujons (3) & Chips£3.99

Child's Chicken Chunks (3) & Chips£3.99

Child's Sausage & Chips£2.99




Plain Sausage£1.30

Battered Sausage£1.30

Jumbo Sausage£2.00

Battered Jumbo Sausage£2.00


Onion Rings (6)£1.50

Onion Rings (12)£2.75

Pea Fritter£1.00

Fish Cake£1.40

Buttered Roll£1.00

Pickled Gherkin£0.85

Pickled Onion£0.45

Pickled Egg£0.65

Vinegar Bottle£1.50





Heinz Squeeze Me Sachets£0.25

Heinz Tomato Sauce Bottle£1.50

Homemade Tartare Sauce (Small)£1.40

Homemade Tartare Sauce (Large)£1.80

Curry Sauce (Small)£1.10

Curry Sauce (Large)£1.40

Mushy Peas (Small)£1.10

Mushy Peas (Large)£1.40

Heinz Baked Beans (Small)£1.40

Heinz Baked Beans (Large)£1.80

Gravy (Small)£1.10

Gravy (Large)£1.40




Bottle (500ml)£1.30

Coke (1.5ltr)£2.15

Cans (330ml)£0.75


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Broadstone Restaurant


Our newest branch is the restaurant and takeaway in Highcliffe, near Christchurch, Dorset. Popular with locals and visitors alike, it delivers the authentic Daniels fish and chips experience.


Located in Broadstone, Poole. Continues to deliver the highest quality of award winning fish and chips - with the option to sit in. The restaurant has a 50 seat capacity to cater to everyone’s needs - whether it is for a quiet family meal or a party - our staff will ensure you have the best experience possible.

Takeaway lovers do not fear!

The Broadstone branch also has a takeaway shop, so you can continue to enjoy our food from the comfort of your own home.

Quality Fish & Chips

High Standards

Picture of Fish and Chips

We use ‘frozen-at-sea’ fish which is filleted and frozen within four hours of being caught. This retains the full flavour and the freshness of the fish, so whilst your fish and chips will undoubtedly taste fantastic, you can also enjoy them with a clear conscience, assured in the knowledge that our fish has come from a sustainable source. We generally use Maris Piper potatoes which are of course famous for their crispy coating and soft, fluffy insides creating the perfect chip. There are certain times of the year when Maris Pipers are not available or at their best, at these times we choose from other varieties of potato many of which have been grown specifically to produce a great tasting chip. Potatoes can change almost week by week and Daniel personally tastes and selects the best possible potatoes to ensure you will be getting the best possible chips.

We strive to achieve the finest flavours from our fish so our homemade tartare sauce is the perfect accompaniment. Alternatively, try our highest quality whole-tail scampi with a freshly squeezed wedge of lemon as a tempting alternative.